Scopa is owned operated by Leonardo & Lorenzo Bresolin whose name has been iconic in Wellington hospitality for years.

Their father, Cavaliere Remiro Bresolin, arrived in New Zealand from Venice, Italy in the early 1970’s.

With him came an Italian passion for food, wine, art and life as well as his dream to open “the greatest Italian restaurant”.  He opened the first pizzeria in Wellington in 1974 and then went on to open Il Casino, his dream, in 1976.

Remiro set pioneering standards in Wellington hospitality – and his famed Il Casino brought world class dining to the new emerging hospitality culture of Wellington.

Nardi and Enzo grew up in their father’s restaurant.  Both brothers spent time abroad in their late teens, travelling and working around Europe before returning back to the Wellington hospitality scene.

Scopa was the Bresolin brother’s first venture together in 2006, born shortly after Il Casino closed for renovations.  Unfortunately Remiro fell sick & Il Casino didn’t open again. 

The Scopa site is one steeped in Cuba St history, having previously been Lucky Corner Take Aways, a sex shop & a cocktail bar called Rouge complete with a fish tank above the bar!


2006  - opened Scopa

2008 – opened Duke Carvell's Swan Lane Emporium

2009 – bought Crazy Horse The Steakhouse

2012  - opened Tommy Millions & Gentlemen’s Beans on Courtenay Place.

2014  - closed Crazy Horse The Steakhouse

          - opened The Bresolin

2015 – sold Duke Carvell's Swan Lane Emporium

opened Tommy Millions Featherston St

2018 - opended Tommy Millions Willis St

         - opened 1154 Pasraria